Published by Deborah Korchok on 27th Apr 2018

Hexagon Metal Wall Art

We've had a ton of fun with our latest creation and are super-pleased with the result! It's been sooooo fun to work with non-rectangular shapes. I am, of course, talking about our little gems in our metal hexagon series. If you haven't seen them, check them out - What do you think? We'd love your feedback!

Now don’t get me wrong - I like my quadrilaterals as much as the next girl, but I have to admit that It was nice to have a break with the quadrangle and see some other polygons. You may have noticed that I now have a strong crush on hexagons. Oh this shape! I think we'll be playing with hexagons for a while before we exhaust the vast potential we've found in them as an wall-hanging. The way you can chain them together into your own shape and design reminds me a bit of lego for art loving adults! Colourful, creative, playful, and geometric.

Emerald Hexagon

Why the hexagon?

Interesting story of how we landed on this shape -in speaking to some of our commercial/interior design friends about our metal and alfresco art, they mentioned that one of the things they really want is large-sized art. I was thinking about how I 

could work with them towards this idea, but I needed to get past the limited print size that we currently have in printing to metal. And then I remembered the humble hexagon -and started thinking how it could lend itself really well to this setting. Customisable, scalable, tile-like art, chained together to be as big as required. I love that it looks as good with one or two pieces together, as with five, six or 20!

I think Camilla's recent venture into composite / collage pieces (love love love!) works incredibly well with this modern looking shape. And of course, being metal, it can work just as well outdoors as indoors. I think we're onto something with this one. Stay tuned for more to come!

But enough of my ramblings. What do you think? Are you anti-hexagon? Are you a strict quadrlateralist? (I'm pretty sure that's not a real thing). Do you have a fave?

We'd love to hear from you!