Can't decide? We can help.

Can't decide? We can help.

Published by Deborah Korchok on 1st Mar 2018

We've been pondering: how can we expect our clients to choose a piece or collection without knowing exactly how it's going to look in their specific space? We can just imagine the thoughts and questions as you browse through our pages:


  • What about the lighting situation in my room?
  • What size piece is going to match my wall space?
  • Will the colours in this print, cushion, canvas match my couch?
  • Will the colour tones in this piece match my eye colour?

We know - these are the big questions that keeps one up at night, right? We ask ourselves these questions too!

Well we're super excited to be teaming up with a local interior decorator to provide a service to our Melbourne customers. You can check it out the service here. But here's how it works in in a nutshell:

  • Purchase an interior decorator call-out.
  • Our decorator will bring the pieces you are contemplating out to your home / space.
  • If you decide to purchase, the call out fee is taken off of your purchase price!
  • If you decide not to purchase, no problems - just make the most out of your time with our decorator. You'll certainly get your money's worth - she's fabulous and full of great advice!

Of course, you can also just start with a chat!  Feel free to email, or call us directly any time on +61 3 8759 6077. We'd love to connect!