About Us


Hello and a very warm welcome to our store, Honey & Grace! 

We are Deborah and Camilla! A creatively inspired duo whose friendship over the last 10 years has grown into a very special collaboration of hearts and minds. Our desire is to bring you art that inspires and complements your indoor and outdoor living spaces. We live in Melbourne, Australia and LOVE being a part of this ever growing artful city. Our products are playful, thoughtful and often practical. We’re so excited to show you around and introduce you to our stunning, hand-crafted products. 

Deborah was a fine fabric in her previous life (not really), and this passion for fine fabrics is insatiable and obsessive. She has spent a good part of her working life, when she wasn't being a gypsy following her heart, in the textile and fashion industry. Investing 12 years collaborating with various designers and later, on her own label, creating tailored women's specialty wear. Deb's background in pattern making, design and tailoring is always keeping H&G on its toes with her vivacious, bubbly and infectious drive and zest for life.  

Camilla was born to enrich people's lives by evoking emotions through her art. What you don’t hear Camilla say, you can experience in her art. She interprets nature and sounds into layers of colour, texture and emotion. She has been fulfilling her destiny as an artist for the last 20 years, graduating in Fine Art from Melbourne University. She creates mesmerising art pieces, always with the intention of translating natural beauty into pleasurable art forms. Camilla is the purple to Deborah's yellow, quiet and unassuming, she is strong, steadfast, hospitable and generous. Her loyal and gentle nature means anyone who enjoys the pleasure of her company, walks away feeling like they’re the newest member of a big, loving Italian family. 

Honey & Grace launched in 2017 and have been truly blessed and excited by the response from our loyal clientele. Our mission is to share our love of art which exudes quality of design, material and workmanship. Our pieces are unique and exclusive to the Honey and Grace brand, ensuring your home stands out, turning your living spaces into gallery spaces of art and distinguished furnishings. We strive to turn static pieces into something glorious, paintings to cushions, tabletops to something truly unique, fine china to.. Watch this space! 

The process of our art starts with a heart conversation between two creatives, we talk about our loves; colours, textures and styles. We believe that art speaks, we desire that our art bring an atmospheric energy that reflects life, the trials and the joys. We are so incredibly proud and excited to share our art with you and hope it speaks to you and your loved ones as they come into your home.  

When we’re not creating, we love nothing more than spending precious time with our families and friends and being inspired by the outdoors. Anywhere we can hear the waves and breathe in the fresh open air. 

We always have room for more friends and would love to hear from you. Please feel free to say hello at sales@honeyandgrace.com.au or on +61 3 8759 6077

With love, 

Deb and Camilla xxx